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Eliza Coupe and her husband Darin Olien are getting divorced. Olien filed legal papers on Monday to end their marriage of nearly four years, according to an article by TMZ. Coupe, 36, were married on December 24, 2014 while on vacation in New Zealand.She previously announced her engagement to the health guru on Instagram in November 2014.Coupe previously was married to acting teacher and puppeteer Randall Whittinghill from December 2007 to June 2013.Olien in his divorce petition did not indicate if he was seeking spousal support.Coupe and Olien do not have any children together.The Scrubs star after her first divorce paid Whittinghill spousal support of $7,000 a month for two years.

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Just because something starts out with a bang doesn’t mean it can’t go out with one too. At least if you look at the power of women in the year 2017 as an example. From the Women’s March in Washington to the unstoppable #MeToo movement, women and girls of all stripes, in all facets of politics and culture, have made big waves for everyone, no matter where you stand on the various issues. Here’s a quick look at the most pivotal moments.